Local Graffiti Artists Transform GreenStreet into a Vibrant Downtown Destination

HOUSTON, TEXAS (May 21, 2013) – While there are those that want to paint the town red, others prefer to use the entire spectrum of colors! Such will be the case at GreenStreet as the popular downtown dining and entertainment center prepares to experience a metamorphosis of color during GreenStreet Graffiti, a special artistic event held onsite, June 3 – 6.

Come see art-in-the-making when local graffiti artists, Gabriel Prusmack, Kelyne Reis, Wiley Robertson and the acclaimed Aerosol Warefare Gallery’s GONZO247, transform the property’s monochromatic walls into a vibrant mix of bold colors and graphic art! Throughout the four-day event, art aficionados and downtown hipsters are encouraged to stop by and interact with the artists as they work. And just as the last puff of aerosol is applied, the entire community will be invited back onsite for a special unveiling party filled with festive music and free entertainment, Thursday, June 6 from 5 – 8 p.m.

“Being in the heart of downtown Houston provides us with a unique opportunity to offer high-quality events that bring together music, culture and the arts all in one location,” says Courtney Ray of Midway, the developers behind GreenStreet.  “Not only is GreenStreet Graffiti a fun event with a direct local tie-in, the works produced from these talented artists will be a welcome addition to the property and help enhance the overall experience of our GreenStreet visitors,” she adds.

GreenStreet Graffiti will be located between Fannin and San Jacinto and features four different walls of art. Drawing inspiration from “Houston is…”, a national ad campaign that positions Houston as a culinary and cultural capital, the various panels will showcase the artists’ own interpretations of what it means to be “Hip”, “Tasty”, “Funky”, and “Inspired”. With backgrounds ranging from self-taught artistry to the more traditional techniques of the Glassell School of Art at Museum of Fine Arts Houston, visitors will no doubt be exposed to an amazing display of dynamic and exhilarating imagery. GreenStreet Graffiti will be free and open to the public. No reservation is required and cameras of all types are welcomed. 

Following the event, GreenStreet will experience yet another transformation as construction begins on the 568,294-square-foot facility. Changes include removal of existing implements in the interior corridor, adding in mid-walk crossings between the three blocks and creating a new linear urban park. Tenants and retailers onsite will remain open during construction, which is estimated to take between six to nine months.

For more information on events and special offerings at GreenStreet, visit www.greenstreetdowntown.com or contact Jennie Bui- McCoy at Jennie@elmorepr.com or 713-524-0661.