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Hotel Alessandra

Midway in partnership with Valencia Group, introduces Hotel Alessandra, a new 223-room luxury hotel, slated to debut at GreenStreet in fall of 2017. Joining the impressive retail, restaurant and entertainment line-up at GreenStreet, the hotel helps fill the growing need for more accommodations in the area, in addition to providing an important anchor in the city’s plan for a vibrant, mixed-use retail district in downtown Houston.

Hotel Alessandra will boast a sleek and contemporary design, complemented with sophisticated and luxurious finishes that emphasize the hotel's cosmopolitan feel. Inspired by Houston’s towering skyscrapers and GreenStreet’s modernist themes, Hotel Alessandra’s interior design will reflect a strong vertical design and an overall minimalist approach to decor. An appreciation of height, space and natural light also will be apparent throughout the hotel, from the soaring ceilings in the lobby to the beautiful, luxurious decor of its suites and guest rooms.